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Security is a part of our identity here at Nasuni. With a dedicated security team with various certifications and years of experience, you can rest assured that we take security seriously.

Nasuni has adopted the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) with controls mapped to NIST 800-53, CSA CCM, SOC2, and ISO 27001:13.

Use this page for an overview of Nasuni's information security capabilities.

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HIPAA Report

Compliance Portal Updates

SOC 2 Type II

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With great excitement, on October 11th, 2023, Nasuni completed our SOC2 Type II audit covering December 21, 2022 to September 30, 2023. The full report is available in the Trust Center for download under NDA. This report also includes our HIPAA certification.

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Pen Test

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Nasuni recently underwent our 2023 Web Application and API Penetration Test. and the results are now available in the Trust Center.

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OpenSSL 3.x Vulnerability

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Nasuni Customers,

On October 25th, 2022, OpenSSL announced a critical vulnerability for OpenSSL Version 3.x. While Nasuni leverages OpenSSL, we have reviewed and determined that the versions of OpenSSL used in all of our products and services are not impacted by this vulnerability. If you have any questions, please reach out to Nasuni Support.

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SOC2 Type 1 - Update

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As update to Nasuni to achieving our SOC2Type1 certification. We have completed our readiness assessment and confirmed that we are in good shape to pass our audit in December with little challenge. Once we get the certification back from the auditors, Nasuni will post it on the portal and at the same time post an update on this portal. The plan for SOC2Type2 is to have that audit completed after the mandatory 90-day observation period has lapsed.

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Welcome to the Nasuni Information Security Trust Center

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As an organization that is security conscious and values security, we are excited to announce the official launch of the Nasuni Trust Center. By using this portal, you can request access to our compliance documents, review our standardized questionnaires such as the CAIQ and gain a general understanding of our security posture.

Over time, our team will be making changes to this portal as we implement new tools and processes in our environment. You can use the Subscribe button to receive email notifications for when our team has an important update, such as if we have an updated compliance report or if we have a status update regarding a major security vulnerability that has been recently discovered.

-The Nasuni Information Security Team

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If you think you may have discovered a vulnerability, please send us a note.

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